Help Warfare.

I quote exactly -

'To claim a location under your sphere of influence, you must have at least five troops in that location for an entire Avalon month, this means the troop must be there to see the new month dawn twice, consecutively'

Nowhere in the warfare files, does it say that redeployment of a legion within a location negates the legions right to flag the location. Springdale could easily have left the 550 legion under the banner of a single marshall's name for the duration, we choose to redeploy a number of times (to online marshalls) as an added security measure. Obviously the minor technicality of a number change, was never meant to be a significant factor in warfare.

It was a nice attempt at spin Narissa, but stick to what you do best - have a hissy fit, promise us all you'll be leaving Avalon forever and log off in disgust.



Written by my hand on the 11th of Paglost, in the year 1154.