mercinaens attack springdalians??.

Although your assertion that Mercinaens could attack Springdalians

is a theoretical probability, in reality this is extremely

unlikely highlighted by the military excursion recently by the

river leithe where wizards part your water, and your movements are

defended by the Springdalian nobility.

Your two cities are still joint at the hip, indeed most of the

Mercinaen barony spend most of their time sitting in Springdale Square.

Although it galls me to say it, on this return to Avalon I find

Thakria in one of the worst military positions in a long time

with next to no SOI to speak of at all, yet persistently Mercinae and

Springdale prefer to maintain their cordial relations and fight over snippets

of land far from their city borders when there is indeed much more land and

SOI available close to home.

Many things have changed since my last return, Mercdale is not one of them.


Written by my hand on the 25th of Eleuthral, in the year 1154.