"Nefarious" Adam (1119 - 1153).

Warrior Krill the Ancient Marinerto Everyone

I am sure you have all seen the many tributes to Adam, who passed away recently. We who knew him best know how much the land has lost. I would just like to leave this record of his life for all to see.


Born in the city of Parrius, Adam was from the outset a man of peace. Dedicating himself to pacifism, he explored the bards guild and the animists guild, first regaling the city with ditties and fun songs, then bringing us the study of healing, herbs, and naturalism.

As he grew and became better known in the city, he impressed those around him with his unfailing positive attitude, his commitment to peace and pacifism, and his willingness to help those in need.

It was this latter quality which earned him favour and promotion and eventually the position of Public Relations minister in Parrius.

Adam's life was soon blessed by another. His love for Carolinus brought him great happiness and for a while their relationship forged an unusual bond between the two warring cities of Parrius and Springdale, until Carolinus moved to join him in Parrius.

The relationship blossomed and soon they made it known that they intended to marry, though tragically Adam's death meant the relationship was never formalized by a deity.

He will be remembered with love and affection by all those whose lives he touched.



Written by my hand on the 8th of Eleuthral, in the year 1154.