Guildhouses and Marking.

Given that the divine patron is the primary spokesperson for a guild in Olympus, and that they devote time, energy and work into helping their guild succeed, it is logical that the patron be the divine most closely associated with the guild. Marking a location inside a guildhouse is one way of demonstrating that - it allows members to quickly see which god is linked with the guild, and it offers an easy way of thanking the patron, through offering.

It is not unreasonable to state that the guildhouse is the domain of the patron - this right and responsibility is given to them by the choice of the guild and guildmaster, and in return the guild respects them and the protection they help to give to the guildhouse.

The Thieves Guild exercises the right to request that our patron be given the power to place his mark upon our guildhouse, as a demonstration of his patronage. Let it be noted, however, that this is not an attack upon any divine, simply a recognition of the patron's right to show influence in the guild he patrons.

Past patrons are always held in high esteem by the guild, and are recognized through various means, in various aspects of thief lore, tradition and memory. The current patron, however, is the divine most actively working to assist and nurture the guild, so it makes sense that their name is the one revealed on SURVEY in the guildhouse entrance.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Midwinter, in the year 1154.