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I do remember one funny story involving Adam. If someone happens to have this on an old log, I'd appreciate it if i could get a hold of it. Dont remember many specifics but :

One day in Avalon i heard quite a long shouted poem, as it rhymed, and was shouted in lyrical form. Don't remember the lines, but the theme was something like how evil should never be able to let the good lose its smile and if you are a happy person, you will never be truly sad.

Then I heard this :

Lord Nostradamus intones: Not true. For example Now you are Happy.

Adam is slain by Lord Nostradamus

Lord Nostradamus intones: And now you are sad.

Now for the part that made me laugh. I sent a tell to Adam saying how much i liked his shout. And this is the reply :

The Ghost of Adam says: Now that I didnt expect!

The Ghost of Adam says: Fun!

You seemed like a decent fellow, Adam. I didnt know you, but I do know that you will be missed. *bow

August Silvermoon

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Agamnion, in the year 1153.