Current debate.

Sa-Fedaykin Pahn, Blades of Nightto Everyone

In Vaash's defense, I don't see her running around killing the genuine young as often as some others (lucifer and uwoiame spring to mind).

Its been correctly stated that the super-second killing a large player is by no means the problem. It may be embarrasing, but it will light the fire under your ass to learn how to fight them better.

Now, I've been ranting and raving about this for ages now. Watching true newbies being summoned around and killed by people who are obviously not actual peers is sad and upsetting. It has prompted me to set up some nifty stripping things so those that do the above should get ready to lose possessions as punishment for their foolish behaviour.

And finally, I agree with Gayle that HELP SECONDS is an excellent start but does not remove the problem. It is easy enough to hide your characters soul by a limited amount of personality tweaking and still continue to abuse those genuinely young to the land without fear of retribution.

I like Lilandrins idea about kills and/or agressive acts raising the status of a player on the peers lists, regardless of skills. I also like Gayle's thoughts on a possible council of Elders.

What I would like to see most of all, however, is restraint by the super-seconds. It does not make you a good fighter to repeatedly beat on the young. The experience gain from it must be minimal and you learn nothing new. So why would you do it? Why would (for instance) you, Uwoiame, repeatedly kill Dinamoria? What is the actual point?

Oh, and Dachnavar or whatever your name is now, keep out of this with your whining about whining. There is very learning when someone beats you in a few seconds flat. Not to mention the core of the problem. How discouraging would you find it if I created a newbie and kicked your ass all over avalon several times a day? If you are a true novice, you will start thinking you are just not capable of fighting and will eventually give up on it entirely.

And that should read, There is very little learning when...


Written by my hand on the 12th of Midsummer, in the year 1153.