Dachnavar, le Sombre Sorcererto Everyone

Look, its really rather annoying to hear al the whining on

this matter. Death is a learning experience, if someone

kills you, robs you or does any other harmful act towards

you, learn from it! Eventually, the arsenal they command

will dwindle and you will perhaps have the upper hand.

Or you won't, Avalon has a large learning curve and its

very immense and intricate. However, for someone with the

smallest ammount of diligence, confidence and competance.

they should be able to overcome it. If it really bothers

you that someone half your size owns you on the battle-field,

then you can always become a pacifist. No one is forcing you

to stand at the edge of a cliff and jump. You do have

options, take the blood-lust, become a pacifist or learn

the mechanics of your character. After-all that is

obviously, as far as I can tell, the reason each profession

has a plethora of skills. Death never hurt nobody, its only

experience, easilly come by.

I personally am half the size of many of you, yet I get teamed

and jumped quite often. So what, life is all about getting

knocked down. What seperates the winners from the losers is

who is able to pick themselves up and get back on their feet.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Skyelong, in the year 1153.