Did you actually read what you wrote before you posted it?.

Vaash of Thakriato Fedaykin Gayle The True Edge

You stated that \"a few people who are far more competent than normal for their age and who seek to abuse this by killing those smaller than themselves\".

I have yet to hear of any small players complaining about these so-called \"super seconds\". Who exactly are the small players being abused and by whom? The only complaints seem to be coming from the \"people be made to feel totally incompetent because somebody that they see on their peers list or is smaller than them kills them before they even realize they are under attack\", not the other LWs.

Feeling incompetent? Who is really responsible for that? Someone else or yourself? So far the only argument against seconds is that they know more than they \"should\". Perhaps if those of you complaining spent more time fighting and trying to learn what the \"super seconds\" know, you wouldn't feel so incompetent.


Written by my hand on the 15th of Skyelong, in the year 1153.