The Peers System, Super Seconds and Blood Lust.

Fedaykin Gayle The True Edgeto Everyone

Avalon is a great land and one of the truly fantastic things about it is the peer system that protects people from being killed by those with more skills. This system is enforced mainly by the bloodlust gained by a larger player who kills a smaller one and at the very start of life in the land by the protection conferred by LW status.

There have been a number of posts lately about super seconds and blood lust. It seems to me that the heart of the problem is that the peer system takes skills into account but not competence. This is reasonable if everybody starts off on the same footing but they don't. People who have played Avalon, First Age or a similar game before have an enormous advantage in combat.

Recently there have been a few people who are far more competent than normal for their age and who seek to abuse this by killing those smaller than themselves or their so-called peers at little risk of retribution by larger players who cannot attack them due to bloodlust.

This problem may even start when they are LW. LW is meant to give people time to find their feet in Avalon and learn a little about the world. Why should an LW who starts felling in an enemy city or jumps and teams people there be treated on the same footing as a new player who genuinely benefits from this period to explore the land? Wouldn't it be better if somebody who takes agressive actions in an enemy city automatically loses their LW status?

Why should people be made to feel totally incompetent because somebody that they see on their peers list or is smaller than them kills them before they even realize they are under attack? Who can learn from a fight that they lose so fast? And who will want to stay in such a place? Worse still, these \"super seconds\" know the system well enough to stay small for a long time if they so desire.

Genesis introduced a solution to this but I would like to respectfully suggest that it's not a final answer. What happens when you know that somebody is a second but don't know their first? Will people denounce their city mates? Will they use it as a way of \"punishing\" their enemies? I would like to see a council of elders who would take responsibility for enforcing the peers system so that it's fair to everybody, newcomers to lands like this, those who have experience acquired in paralllel worlds and

those who have acquired their experience here in another guise.

What do you think we should do to keep this land as exciting and rewarding as possible for everybody?

Written by my hand on the 14th of Skyelong, in the year 1153.