Denzeldash De le Erinyesto Vaash of Thakria

Nicely edited.

For me myself i am here to help in a city, i have no aspirations of greatness.

I told you that it was not your place to tell me how i am to spend my time here but i thank you for admitting so honestly you are a second and a very accomplished one at that.

I also said that knowledge is the most powerful thing in the land and if you have an abundant amount of it and use it for increasing a character above that of any genuine new person it is a form of abuse.

Once again let me explain my position as you seem to hear what you want, I am here for nothing more than the enhancement of my city, i am a soldier nothing more.

Finally it is good to see the personality bypass that most of thakria have have had also includes sarcasm as i clearly won our duel.

Denzeldash, inept and struggling first time player.

Written by my hand on the 12th of Skyelong, in the year 1153.