Denzeldash and his logic.

Vaash of Thakriato Everyone

Since Sir Denzeldash has been so vocal with his protests, I went to speak with him in order to try and understand his point of view. In the end this is what I was able ascertain from his rambling...

It is cheating to know more than your elders and to best them in combat. That this knowledge is somehow used to gain advantages over everyone else.

Upon understanding his opposition, I offered yet another challenge that went unanswered...

Sir Denzeldash tells Vaash, \"I said no cos your just tooo good\". \"Well done\".

I then posed these questions to him... \"So what you're saying is, you will never fight anyone that you cannot beat already? You have no desire to improve? This is my fault as well? \" His reply...

Denzeldash tells Vaash, \"I dont want to get better\"

Sums things up quite nicely, I think.


Written by my hand on the 11th of Skyelong, in the year 1153.