super newbie.

Kal Zakathto Sir Denzeldash De le Erinyes

If these super newbies can kill fighters 'far far bigger' then one good is to

act as a good kick in the backside for those being bested by a character with

vastly lower skills.

I believe the only time when super newbies are frowned upon are when they make

life a misery for genuinely new players.

The ancient and experienced and unskilled may well be embarrassed by a super newbie but

this is not at all a reason why they should be banned or excluded.

As long as a super newbie keeps punching above his/her weight and attacks only those who

have a sufficient knowledge and time being in the land then there is absolutely no reason

why they should not walk freely as we all do. Leave the genuine young alone, but feel free

to show up the incompetent.


Written by my hand on the 21st of Paglost, in the year 1153.