The Sceptre of the Night.

Today a couple of Springdalians started the domination process in the Loremasters guild. As the day wore on Kodiak arrived in the land, followed by some other Springdalians.

Kodiak made a couple of half hearted attempts to remove the dominating Springdalians, but when they failed decided on a different tactic.

Knowing that other potential dominators could not join in the domination process whilst he was in the land, he retired to his Patrons Temple, to a location behind a divinely sealed door. At this point he announced his intention to leave the land in all but name, with a caustic intonation about leaving messages with his PA.

He sat his self-confessed afk behind, in his Patrons Temple for more than two hours; two hours in which several other Springdalians would rightfully have joined the domination process.

Sooooo ... I wonder if it would be possible to fix it, so that in future, people in inaccessable places do not have any bearing on the domination process.


Written by my hand on the 13th of Paglost, in the year 1153.