Tis the Season.

Wyldefyreto Everyone

Have a Joyous Midwinter. . Back by popular request

An Avalonian Carol - (*sung to the tune of Silent Night)

Silent Night (a scream is heard in the distance)

Holy Night (a thump is heard in the distance)

All is calm (A High Pitched voice screams \"Damn you silly Thaks!)

All is bright (darkness descends the land as the Black Curse is upon Avalon)

Round yon Virgin (are 25 sailors shouting drunkenly)

Mother and Child (are reunited in Park Elennia)

Holy Infant (Ok, who shot the Giant Baby with 42 arrows?)

So tender and mild (mild? AVALON? ri-ght).

Sleep in Heavenly Peace (or in multiple pieces, whatever your preference.)

Seasons greetings everyone.

For the Glory of the Greenwood!


Written by my hand on the 2nd of Cloudburst, in the year 1153.