Second Characters.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

The existence of second characters has been a debate here in Avalon and

it seems lately to have come to the fore once more. The issue of super-

seconds slaying their peers (genuine new players and therefore disadvantaged)

is one we take seriously.

I'm posting here rather than on the Elders BB so the present super-seconds

and genuine young'uns can also contribute to the debate. I would like to

introduce a system that'll penalise those second characters who do not

roleplay properly, while allowing (as best as we can) those capable of

playing alternate characters independently to do so freely. Rather than

having a system whereby the deities police - and therefore get embroiled

in endless debate/gainsay - and rather than issuing a blanket order against

seconds - I'd like to see some system whereby the mortals can affect

a distinction between super-seconds and the rest.

What is being mooted, therefore, is as follows. Every Avalon year it will

be possible for all mortals to accuse one of their fellows of being

a super-second. This should only ever be done with good reason and since

there will only be one vote per man/woman per Avalon year, it ought not

to be a wasted accusation. The mortal will be able to accuse another of

being a specific super-second. If the accused receives beyond a certain

number of correct accusations, naming specifically their first character,

Avalon will deem them to have misplayed their role. The accused will then

be branded and penalised in various ways.

The hope, here, with a little tweaking, is that we'll have a system

whereby mortals can judge one another - without prejudice. Genuine roleplayers

will escape accusation. Super-seconds will be penalised. Blanket or

frivolous accusation will be frowned upon, and with a once Avalon yearly

vote (every real-life two weeks) there should be no easy witchhunting.

I entertain comments on this - better to me directly than posted publicly,

although if I think you have a good point to evolve the debate I will ask

you to make a public posting so all can read and consider.

If I decide to bring live this system it will go in over Christmas, ready

for the New Year.

Written by my hand on the 15th of Midwinter, in the year 1153.