Recent Downtime.

Apollo, the god of lightto Everyone

I've had a lot of questions, messages and e-mails regarding recent Avalon

downtime which has resulted in problems after the 9am reset. These have

manifested themselves as an inability to log in, people getting stuck online

once they are and unable toi issue commands successfully etc.

We have been working on this (obviously) and thought it was fixed yesterday

but once again this morning the same problem reared its ugly head. Hopefully

it shall be fixed tomorrow - we shall see. At the most there should be no

more than 30 minutes or so downtime.

Rumours ranging from huge losses of data to the end of the world as we

know it are quite unfounded. Sorry for the inconvenience - it will all lead to

bigger and better things eventually! (I can smell the salt on the air ...)

Written by my hand on the 30th of Agamnion, in the year 1152.