Luciferto Sir Denzeldash De le Erinyes

I was hoping this could remain civil, and constructive. I was merely stating why I have felled staves, and continue to do so.

I thought my explanation was fairly clear and cut as well. I do it because I seek vengeance done to my city. I could care less about bloodlust, as it hinders me from attacking my enemies that I have come to know.

The only players I have ever taunted have taken it upon theirselves to punish, and attack me. Upon my return, you were the first person to attack me, I was on the lw list panning, and I had never ever met you, seen you, or spoken to you.

You jumped me, killed me. So I guess you are the one with bloodlust issues. And to this day, it is why I seek to spill your blood upon avalon's ground.

As for my knowledge, I apologize if the learning curve has been slower for you. I spend considerable time into learning new things to make myself a better fighter.

Written by my hand on the 12th of Agamnion, in the year 1152.