Night will shroud the land in Vengeance.

Zwartia the Lorewitchto Everyone

Many months of intense battle -

Blood and gore while they died like cattle -

Deep frustrations and breathtaking victory -

Heavily contested, exciting till the end of misery

Now I hear celebration and lamentation, but let it be known to all!

The formidable scepter, the essence of night is ours!

Loremasters, you made me proud -

We fought alone, we fought as a guild -

We did not crumble, we stood strong

Lady Xanthe, beloved guildpatron, I devote this victory to You.

For you were there, besides us, empowering us.

Lets now use the night to shroud the land in Vengeance.

Zwartia, the Lorewitch - Guildmistress of The Loremasters

Written by my hand on the 12th of Hindyear, in the year 1152.