Victory favours the cautious, silly little knight. If I don't have to sit and watch you jab at me, why should I? No, I can be just as effective with minimal damage to myself. Being a seer is nice like that, no? I've been away for a while, and may have lost my touch a bit, thus I am far more cautious now then I would normally be. Fortunately for me and my ego, however, you did not so much 'catch up with me', as you did scramble to score the killing blow.

I'm rather pleased, however, at just how much pride you seem to take in claiming my life. In fact, that entire post seemed to be an excuse to shout out 'Esprii has been slain by Sir Laslow, Knight Errant!'.

Now, let us see one with some credit to their name argue the usefulness of the passive!

Watching you,

Gabbadian Esprii Belial, Princess of Shadows

Written by my hand on the 15th of Skyelong, in the year 1152.