how many times yesterday did you refuse to answer my challenges? How many times did you run into my location, get your one very very expensive bond, and then flee to your tower? How many times did I pursue you there? How many timed s did you then flee to your guild, and then to your barracks? Three times yesterday, and each time you refused to accept challenge, and each time I caught up with you later and erased that bond. For you to call anyone a coward is the very definition of hypocrisy. Your title

should be princess of cravens.

Pacifists are a part of this land, and it is no one's place, not yours, or mine or anyone's save perhaps the Gods to say that they are of less worth than someone who chooses a life of combat. Their choice in life is every bit as valid as yours. If you could have someone who does half as much work as Fatalus, or someone PW who picks as many herbs or poisons as a wyldefyre or contributes as much to the economic success of their city as a Rhapsody or a Rhiannon, you would not wish them as a citizen?

Pacifists are a real part of this land, perhaps not militarily, but economically, commericialy. They deserve every bit as much respect as anyone elese in the land. Simply because they refrain from violence, either out of disdain for it or fear of it, or any other motivation does not make them lesser beings. We resent them for the security they have, that we do not, the economic resources they can muster with less difficulty than most *honest* fighters can. Your prejudice is born out of envy and resentm

ent, and though that is your choice, and how you choose to live your life, I can also choose to pity you for your attitude, and I can say to the pacifists out there that this is not indictive of how ALL fighters feel, just the few rde *rude loudmouths.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Skyelong, in the year 1152.