Navigator Krill, Master of the Open Waveto Everyone

Ok, can I ask people for a quick reality check?

I have lost count of how many times I've heard people say everyone in the land has to concentrate on the Loremasters.

This is just ridiculous.

By all means acknowledge that the Loremasters are the people who must be beaten if anyone else is to win the Guildleague.

But nobody will win the Guildleague just by killing Loremasters.

The League will be won by the guild which successfully dominates the land the most, getting the most kills on everyone.

If everyone *really* wants to beat the loremasters, get together and pick a guild to beat them, and let yourselves die repeatedly to them. Not palatable? No I didn't think so.

If there's one thing I would ask people to do - and I too would like to see the Loremasters beaten - it's to stop damn well fixating on them. Go fight and win your own fights. If I can get a ton of kills on rangers, knights, thieves, and anyone else who I lay my blades on, I've got a chance of challenging the Loremasters.

If everyone sits around in a huge friendly team waiting for a loremaster to come out of the Pool or a stockroom, even if they get a few kills a day, nobody is going to come close to their total.

So stop behaving like asses. Sure, let's kill those loremasters when we can, but if we sit friendly fixating on them, it's the most sure-fire way of giving them the Sceptre. Zenichiro, Kodiak et al must be laughing away each time we stop fighting to sit waiting for them.

Krill, for the Warriors

Written by my hand on the 25th of Springflower, in the year 1152.