Narissa, Mistress of Thievesto Wyldefyre

The only reason the picking limit has ever been at 20 is because pickers grew lazy over having to visit multiple locations to get the herbs/poisons they needed. In actuality, a limit of 20 is foolish.

Herbs/poisons grow at their fastest rate when there the location is sparse - the more plants in the location, the slower they will grow, until, finally, they reach a cap at sixty. If all the herbs/poisons are picked while they are growing their fastest, ie when there are between 2 and 20-30 plants in the location, this will lead to MORE plants overall in the land. Think hard about it and surely you will understand - although there will be fewer plants in each location, they all will be growing at faste

r rates, leading to an overall increase in plants available.

Also, picking low (providing you replant of course) seems to help ensure rootrot does not happen. It is when we let locations become choked and tangled with growth that the plants there begin to waste away and die, the competition for nutrients preventing them from growing. Picking herbs/poisons (AND USING THEM) seems to be a nice way to help prevent the rootrot from happening.

The \"Limit\" of 20 is a foolish one, existing only because of tradition and herblore dogma. It's not a logical one, and it actually leads to a decrease in the number of herbs/poisons available overall.

Written by my hand on the 8th of Cloudburst, in the year 1152.