Wyldefyreto Lilandrin

Thanks. Isn't what I per say want, but it has been common practice for many years not to pick below 25, then 10. Certain herbs such as lestagii and poisons like reisk, nann and phoroz has been 2 for the longest time. I guess why I thought I should post is that I tried to provide a prize for the last contest held by Lord Proteus and promised him in that donation, attanar, febfendu, malloran, bukandas - treasures from the waters of Avalon. However the bukandas was already devastated. Now several her

bs and poisons once plentiful (mandrake, shirolos, tyrlar, athillias, grimleaf, malloran) are also in very low numbers. (Shrug)., To each their own

Written by my hand on the 6th of Cloudburst, in the year 1152.