Your haphazardly weapon keeping.

I was strolling along the highway returning from some shopping in the pirate stronghold in the far east. Minding my own business, a bloodstained but quality battle axe caught my eye.

After examining it more closely, I assumed that the previous owner either didn't want it anymore or was just too careless to invest in its proper protection.

Looking left and right, I saw nobody who could be the owner. Thus I took it home with me, thinking 'if I don't collect it, someone else will, so it can better be me, who can appreciate the fine quality of this masterpiece from Iorlas Morbeth himself'

As the axe is a rather heavy and cumbrous weapon, and I really prefer more elegant longswords, I placed it in my shop. I am sure one of our more brawny cavaliers will be very happy to buy it off me.

Unfortunate the axe has a rather infelicitous inscription, not too popular in this side of the land, therefore I had to lower the price unfortunately. Just a little flaw in a further excellent piece of weaponry.

Feeling quite content about my youngest acquisition, I resumed with the bit of governmental work I still had to do, checked up on the new Thakrian recruits who I had earlier pointed to the legion barracks and finished by collecting my personal runestaves from the streets. Since I do care about my battle tools, I didn't want to leave them outside for some brute to damage them.

After a long but satisfying workday I then retreated in the sanctity of my Patron for meditation and some well earned rest.

Zwartia, the Lorewitch

PS. To translate it in your language, Dunccan, your duel was over when i found the axe, and it was almost 15 minutes later when I went to temple to log off. Of course you were too busy sitting in the clouds to notice. I guess...

Written by my hand on the 4th of Eleuthral, in the year 1152.