Downward spiral.

Of course, any debate is now a slanging match. It's a shame, I thought I posted in a very civilized manner.

Don't play word games with me. 'Dark alliance' is the implication of your post and of many accusations I've heard. I use the language of your city's propaganda and in the same sentence reject it. The words are not 'very illuminating'.

I'm glad you admit you know nothing of the negotiations.

If you are told there was nothing more to negotiations than 'a series of offers and counter offers' you are told wrong. We had a treaty hammered out and ready to sign. They were rejected initially because Springdale refused to offer a reasonable amount for a very large SOI purchase they wanted to make.

We were told, essentially, that peace was part of the price - which really means, Springdale didn't want a treaty, they wanted surrender.

The moment the treaty was rejected, Springdale began a series of attempts on our SOI. These lasted several years, and were beaten back again and again.

Now the tables are turned. We took SOI once, twice, three times. At no point did Springdale offer to discuss peace. Even now we are told it's all part of the natural flow. It's almost as if you haven't lost?

Well you have lost, you've lost big. The land ebbs and flows but what counts is what you do with it when you have it in your favour. Springdale tried and failed when it were strong. We have tried and succeeded now.

Only when you accept that something is going wrong, will you really try and fix it.

Even after all the bad words, the petty behaviour, the warfare and the fighting, we will still listen to offers of peace, if you can bring yourselves to approach us.


Written by my hand on the 25th of Hindyear, in the year 1151.