Obligatory response.

I'm not going to get into a slanging match, that spirals downwards into a futile and immature point scoring exercise, I will therefore address only your specific points. After that, when you inevitably digress I will choose not to respond.

Firstly, I have never described your alliance as dark. Those are you words and very illuminating they are to. Neither have I ever refered to mutal planning, in fact your 'dark alliance' mostly takes on the form of fighter teaming. Almost without exception in recent times, when I am engaged in combat, in Thakria, with a/some Thakrian(s), a Parriun element will join them. On the larger stage in team fights, it will almost exclusively be a Parriun/Thakrian teams that attack Springdalians. There are few ex

ceptions to this.

I was not party to the negotiations that led to the current waring, being abscent from the land at the time. My information though is that there were no real negotiations for anything, only a series of offers and counter offers that were rejected and counter rejected by both sides. I do know this, Springdale had her sights firmly set on Thakria, not Parrius. I will not deny that we can be provoked into aggression, but current hostilies arose from heated views on both sides. Do not feign innocence, it w

ont wash.

Furthermore, you will find no more propaganda in Springdale than in any other city; Springdale has not asked Mercinae for any help and I'm not crying foul. On the contrary, I possess enough grace to congratulate Parrius on your recent victory, the account I was given indicated good strategy and I have already acknowledged the fact that you didnt need to call in the Thakrian subs. My initial post was a response to Narissa's boastful, public display of preening. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now since posting is not really my preferred way of passing time, I will bid you Good Day Krill.


Written by my hand on the 24th of Hindyear, in the year 1151.