Parrius and Thakria.


Parrius and Thakria have a mutual enemy.

That is all. Get over it - there is no dark alliance, there is no mutual planning, we have good relations with Mercinae and as Narissa said we made efforts to have good relations with Springdale.

To all of Springdale, you made your bed; now lie in it. You wanted this war, you tried to invade, you tried to take our SOI, you rejected peace.

You continued to try and take on two enemies - your arrogance was breathtaking and your fighter superiority was short-lived.

You Camaris said that there is an ebb and flow. In war that is true, which is why we have been open to discussions of peace. We are not making the same mistake. Parrius does not want two enemies and we honour our good relations with Mercinae. We retain independence and have many fierce opponents of Thakria in our city.

It is sad to see how much propaganda is thrown around in Springdale - you think any who oppose you are evil. You think because you throw a punch at Thakria and kick Parrius in the shins that when we both thump you back we are allies and you cry foul.

Then you ask for Mercinae to come and clear up your mess - the old dependencies coming back to the fore.

Stop complaining, start addressing the problems. Your solutions lie in calm consideration of your situation not in propaganda, and in a sensible foreign policy.

Krill, First Mariner of Parrius

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Hindyear, in the year 1151.