Cluttered Armoury, Mycenae.

Urquothto Everyone

We interupt these BB messages, for a commercial break...

     Need a weapon for that special occaision?  Or a piece of armour

to give you that all-over 24 hour protection? All styles of garments are available, and even a couple of short sticks for those rainy days spent indoors at home.

     If you need anything, you know where to go...
                            ... Yellow Pages?... pah, forget em!

     Come to the Cluttered Armoury, just off Moon St. in the Great

City of Mycenae. There's ample of off-street satbling, creche facilities and public cess-pits, including all mod. cons.

     First 3 customers get a free jerkin (now theres an offer!)

     Any ideas, re: Prices, Items to sell, Etc. - please MSG me.

          Urq. (The Enlightened Shopkeeper).