Coral Gem Quest.

Proteus, god of the seato Everyone

At long last, the gem quests begin again! I will be questing my coral on Saturday, December 3 at 7 pm by the Avalon clock (2pm Eastern US).

The quest will consist of my types of knowledge and skills allowing many guilds to participate.

The first round will be an elimination round testing people's knowledge of the waterways and elements of the land related to my realm.

The second round will be far longer. The top contenders from the first round will be captains of teams which will have tasks they must complete. Some will require attaining a goal (raising flagquest flag) others tasks will be like a scavenger hunt where you get a set of clues that lead you to treasure and other clues.

This second round is meant to test the planning and strategy powers of the captains. Some tasks will be easily completed by certain guilds, but tougher for others so choice of team members will be important. Other times you have to choose if a direct assault against a tough target will be better than taking the time to get a tool that will easily remove resistance.

Also, how will you array your forces. Do you send some to harry the other team and slow them down? That last clue you got told where the next item was as well as where the next clue is--and they are in opposite directions. Do you split your forces or go with strength in numbers?

Finally, as promised, there will be boons and banes. Boons will be provided with resources to help the team out. The resources, are finite though so between you and them, you must decide when and where to use them.

Banes will be secret agents within your team who will be sabotaging your efforts. The more they do without you discovering their identity, (including making you suspect other people), the greater their reward at the end of the quest--Oops, I went indoors with the sands, oops, I forgot my tongue was rotten so when I yelled for everyone to get out because I was throwing jegga into the brew pot to kill off the invaders who burst in the room, no one heard me...

Anyone who will be there and would like to be a bane, please write me a short letter explaining what sort of tricky thing you might do. I would prefer to have 8-10 applicants so there is a better chance at least one of you will be picked for each team or won't be the team captains. You won't know you are the bane for your team until after the picking has been completed.

Just a warning for potential banes- Scorched earth actions like killing off everyone in a way that reveals your identity because you have to log off in a couple minutes will earn you as great a punishment as craftiness will earn you reward.

Written by my hand on the 12th of Midsummer, in the year 1150.