Coral Gem Quest.

Proteus, god of the seato Everyone

In the next few days I will be announcing the date that I will run the coral gem quest. I imagine it will fall in late November, early December. The format will be similar to the one I tried to test run a few years ago as outlined in public post 21992.

I will be soliciting people to volunteer to be boons or banes prior to the gem quest so I am doing this pre-announcement in hopes that people will start their imaginations going about how they would contribute in either case.

Given the change in gems, I am hoping current gem holders will consider acting in a supportive capacity rather than as the principal or at least encourage others to act in a supportive role for other candidates. Though certainly, I would take more pleasure in having a highly qualified person employing the power of my gem than a lesser being.

Proteus, god of the sea

Written by my hand on the 25th of Paglost, in the year 1149.