Ritual of Compassion.

Big Brother Gahlahas, Druid of Eternal Dreamsto Everyone

Greeting Brothers and Sisters of Avalon,

Today was a joyous day as Elthuzar, Bringer Of Peace, held his ceremony in honour of Rhadamanthys, The God of Compassion. I was brought to tears at the sights and sounds revealed to me by the great might of compassion, but through the revelations came great understanding. I was upset when the High Priest of Choas slithered into the Temple of Compassion to drop off a gift of Yarl brew. Yes this did end up taking the life of four Avalonians in a horrible fashion but divine justice stepped in to bestow

his judgement upon those who wronged both Elthuzar and Lord Rhadamanthys. At the time I felt pleased with the judgement bestowed upon High Priest, Plaman. I felt that we gathered to honour the dawn in the Temple of Rhadamanthys. We did have a little banter between the four cities that represented themselves, however, none got out of control and all respected the sanctum of the patron. At the end of this day I felt pleased with how justice was served and was content when I climbed into the embrace o

f my Goddess, Andromeda.

Days have passed since the Ritual was honoured upon Avalon by Elthuzar, Bringer of Peace. The understanding in which I felt the day of the sermon has grown inside me. I'm not angry with Plaman for what he did, or Zenichiro for the taunts his cast upon the visitors of Rhadamanthys Temple. I understand a little more what Lord Rhadamanthys' order is trying to show Avalon. and I leave my brothers and sisters with the following quotes so they can maybe understand Compassion a little more.

\"All things are as one... Every stone, every blade of grass, every breath of air and every creature. But the greatest music is made by the human soul. \"

\"Hear your souls sing together, and sing with them! Look into the hearts of your brothers and sisters that you may understand them. \"

\"War and hatred are futile, for when we damage others we only damage ourselves in our universal form. Every moment of pain or sorrow diminishes us; every moment of love or joy makes us stronger! \"

\"Remember there are forces which seek to stop the heart from beating. Be wary of them. Go in peace. Live with compassion. \"

Call me an obsessed dreamer, I accept that and it is who I am and always will be. I am trapped in a world of delusion where I can always wish for the best of all people and hope and dream that one day things will change and the power of dreams shall return to Avalon.

Live in Dreams, Life, and for the first time uttered from this druid, Live in Compassion.

Big Brother Gahlahas, The Druid of Eternal Dreams.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Agamnion, in the year 1148.