Your continued downward spiral.

Finbar, Illuminatito Zenichiro, Master of Lore

That you claim to know something that didn't happen is not a suprise to me. What

Krill asked of me was to portal Mojo out purely to piss you and Threap off, which

was, as you can imagine, appealing to me.

You pretend to know all, but you seem to overlook these simple facts. You were

banished from Thakria by the God of Darkness because of your using Thakria like

your own little bank, you then crawled back on your knees to gain admission. Your

current stature in the land has been limited to being a teamer, coward, and known

liar. That you would pretend to be omnipotent and boast that you know what I was

told by Krill only serves as a reminder to everyone about how far you have fallen.

The only unfortunate part of all this, is that I actually have to take the time

to set the record straight, because, unlike you, I respect Lord Rhadamanthys, and

would not decieve him for my own personal gain.

As for an admission? I admit that I sent portals to Mojo, who I detest, purely to

irritate someone who I detest even more, and once appraised of the fact that he

was holding Longnight items, by Threap, and confirming the same with Krill, my

efforts to aid him stopped. You may pretend to know all alkar boy, but the fact

remains, that what we all know about you, you seem to be unable to grasp. That is

you are a worthless teaming coward and a liar, whose word is not better than the

dung spread on Springdale's fine fields.


In furture, try not to type bb, but instead type issue challenge finbar, It would

be my preferred method dealing with you. If you continue to post on the subject,

you will recieve no reply from me, because, I am confident Lord Rhadamanthys knows

who is the deciever here.

Written by my hand on the 7th of Cloudburst, in the year 1148.