Your purposeful deceit .

Finbar, Illuminatito Zenichiro, Master of Lore

The underlying assumption you wish people to accept in your post mentioning my

name is that I was aware that Mojo was involved directly in holding longnight items

as a pacifist, thereby creating the inequity you decry and alternatively attempt

to foist upon the entirety of Springdale.

As you are fully aware, as Threap stood by you during this incident, once Threap

informed me what it was Mojo was doing, my efforts to aide, as you put it, were


Your response to having been outsmarted by a few Parrians was as misguided

as your lame attempts to decieve Lord Rhadmanthys and all of avalon, that is

you teamed me twice during a mutual challenge - and - to my chagrin, refused a

challenge from me. I suppose fighting me when i have greater than 570 health is

a threat to your -- fragile little ego.

In case you missed the underlying tone of my post alkar boy, - - - go fornicate

with yourself child.

Written by my hand on the 13th of Mournsend, in the year 1148.