City and Guild.

It's sad that I can keep my city affiliations out of this personal war between guilds but you can't seem to grasp the concept. My role as that of Justice Minster of Springdale and that as a Ranger Guild mistress are two separate ones. To prove my point at no time did I enlist the aide of any Springdalian troops or any Springdalian fighters.

Your argument about us attacking on Parrian soil is a weak one. The Rangers cannot hold soi as a and as a guild we work outside the rules of the cities. Every where in this land there is SOI and if it was possible to avoid attacks on such I would. There were no Parrian blocker legions on any point of our route. We only waved and greeted these legions in our passing.

As_for nobody being able to defend our strike one of your two only active members who was present either didn't notice our attack or wisely decided not to interfere.

The Rangers are no more a Mercinae/Springdalian Guild as the Brigands are a Parrian one and I wish you wouldn't grasp at straws and bring city issues into this.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Hindyear, in the year 1147.