Utter rubbish.

There is not a single sole in your guild whom you can acredit bravery too. You slithered and sulked your way to my guild's doors.

I'll admit it was wise strategy, to attack when there is no one to defend. Bravery hardly is a characterstic of your attack.

As far as neutralizing the brigands, you may have knocked down our walls and our barracks, but you'll never stop the cold heart you have now created. Vengeance will be mine, on a grand scale.

As far as you being neutral, you either had Mercinae blocker legions moved for you, which puts a taint on Mercinae, or either you took out Parrian legions, both cities had blocker legions from all routes, period.

Let alone the fact that you attacked a guild on Parrian soil, without the least bit of consultation with our council or First Mariner.

And if you think I was exploiting the forest before, you aint seen nothing yet, wench.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Hindyear, in the year 1147.