pacifists raiding.

May Silvermoonto Warrior Krill the Ancient Mariner

During our harvest today one of your citizens, namely Mojo, decided to come along and raid our fields.

I asked you personally if you wouldnt mind our pacifists reciprocating this gesture only to get no responce, well not from yourself althoug Belgadeth was more than happy to chime in with a 'quiet wench'.

I can only presume from this you are more than happy to let us help ourselves from your fields and gardens.

And of course, we shall do so, for as long as you let one of your citizens away with such a blatant abuse of a protection, which trully should only be accorded to those who trully do wish to live without violence.

This clearly does not describe Mojo, nor her actions today, raiding an enemy city IS an aggressive action.

Now, either the rules of conduct for pacifism have changed, or you have decided its ok to disregard them.

Perhaps, Lord Rhadamanthys, you could clear this up for us?

Written by my hand on the 1st of Hindyear, in the year 1147.