leaving land?.

Serendipitous Shander goes to batto Everyone

I've been thinking hard about leaving the land too, (is that taking ones own life out of despondence in avalonian terms?)

Different sides of Mojo and Valeks coins, but ones which I believe can be devinely bettered.

I don't feel like mojo that a roll playing game should be about head to head fighting. If that were my goal nitendo or game cube or xbox or what ever the current equilents of my atari or bally pong playing system in my youth.

I was hoping that if x box is to pong avalon would be to d&d.

The quality of a D&D game was largely dependent on the quality of the Dungeon master. However a good dungeon master developed the interenal systems and arbitrated play in such a way that players themselves could create within the realm. You'd have quest only games, and you'd have campaign orientated play where you'd might command armies or empower gods etc.

To find a 24 hour a day DM was of course impossible and back then we were burdened with fights lasting hours for all the seperate dice rolls of a large group necesary for each swing , spell success etc.

I still have a wonderful collection of multi-hedran dice and all that, and lead figurines to lay out mele position and all that.

All of those dynamics have been wonderfully coded to elminate that book keeping and allow for real time gaming.

Wonderful color and feel have be put into the avalonian world, and a multi-tude of sects guilds cities etc that bring out some very interesting dynamics in political play. The skills have been balanced in ways that truly ecourage interaction.

However somehow, in my opinion, the game revolves far too much not upon the narative of building your charcter but the manual dexteriy and reaction speed of the player at a key-board.

On top of that, despite there being well formed systems of diferent sorts of spaces road, forest, city, indoors out doors, too many of the tranporation skills are so pervasive and coding of aliases allow for such quick movement that destintions of more dangerous and less dangerous locations are almost non exisistent. Sitting in ones one guildhouse is almost as dangerous as sitting on a street in an enemy city.

To me teaming is at leas a way where people who have not interest in nitendo like arcade game like reactions can have a roll in the battle in the game.

But if you want to play head to head, fighting skills like Mojo, I can see his frustration in being ganged.

I am frustrated that shanders fighting skills should have much to do with my reactions and I find the myriad of herbs and potions and if x do y take away from the grand narative of a charcter aging, building political ties, working season after season to further his city or guild etc.

Certainly there are some balancing factors and I wouldn't suggest one or another, but I should think that some development of the \"narrative\" by the long time players often those who have been deified would help add the creative and balancing elements a good Dungeom master would do.

The duel system certainly allows for head to head duels like those which Mojo enjoys. The Gods could have rewards and stuff for those formats and perhaps such fighting should be limited to certain areas of the land and \"leaving the ring\" might create a forfeit of stakes put up or something? (A title for best fighter and tournments etc are great... I understand some of this goes on in great things like stone quests etc which tend to happen on days which don't work for me but no complaints for my missi

ng them). A more open fight record might make the bragging rights more enjoyable.

The converse to the duels though is somehow, creating much greater restrictions on jumping, and more middle grounds between complete dp pw and all the time mele. While certainly difficult, having more areas where location itself lends protection might be themeatically correct.

For example, any fighting going on in the thaumacie could quickly be broken up by large numbers of drwarves, similarly other cities could be largely kept no fighting zones in some way or another (or perhaps with odds heavily in favor of citizens of a city).

Certainly things like whistle and ccc guards envisioned such a thing originally, but very large players can so circumvent time and space by dragging a person from places of saftey that the \"places of saftey\" have almost no purpose.

In the help files there are refernces of people using safe places as places from which to stage attacks from. Well that is precisely true. That is the whole point of mining and covertly building skills and buildings and using steeds etc.

Now if there aren't enough squares outdside cities that could be coded, and certainly more seer stone and marching, quests etc, could add incentives for venturing into more dangerous areas.

It just doesn't seem to me that one should need to have defences up all the time , and it takes from the sense of a varried game where sometimes you'd be more or less in danger.

It would be nice to have some places other than Rhada's question night, where people could invite someone over to their tower and have a game of cards or something within the game and shouldn't fear intrusion short of enemy marching troops up to your door if you have a few runes in place.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Midsummer, in the year 1147.