I'll skilp the definition, as I'm sure most of you know what it is.

Let's analyze, however, the irony found in Esprii's post to Narissa (or about her anyway), shall we?

I believe the entire point was to show that Narissa is weak, an d possibly treacherous for abandoning her guild and city. Yet if we look only a fea. . few years back I believe we see Esprii, a successful Mystic of Mercinae, abandoning her city because she felt betrawyed. Aww, poor li'l esprii had someone who didn't acknowledge her wuv for dem. Poor ting.+

So Esprii decides to go on a rampage, she's evil now, GRR! Watch out! Esprii's PMS has found a new high! She'll carry it with her everywhere for all eternity because she wasn't loved back. Maybe she could find a patron to help her get over her malaise.

What did she find? *gasp* Darkness. And Darkness embraced her, as in his consistence, he finds new potential. Who to be more evil than one whose love has been lost?

So now Esprii has a cause, to be evil. How quickly she embraces it, how warmly she kisses it. Now she picks on those smaller than her and tries to create the fear she's always wanted. Now she'll make a world who turned it's back on her pay, and she'll make that lover who broke her ha. . heart see how dark she is! That will teach him! That will show them all!

Now she finds Narissa, broken and abused, down on herslef as everyone gets from time to time. She exploits this \"weakness\". She calls out the tale of Narissa to point out her crying, quitting behaviour. Yet everyone undersands? How could this be?! When nobody loved her, Esprii?! When nobody stood for her?! Avast, she's thwarted again! Oh cruel fate, what next hast thou in store for me?!

Puking on you, (Esprii)

-- Valek Ra

Written by my hand on the 20th of Springflower, in the year 1147.