Your log forgery.

Esprii, I'm sorry to say this but I was there while you were playing with Narissa's head.

The only line you got right was the first one. And it was true. There really is nothing

a person can do if you have their head an you are hiding like a complete coward inside your

guild. Needless to say, the Seers earn their heads themselves approximately 1% of the time.

The rest is done in while teaming.

Without going too much off the topic, every other line after the first one was falsified.

The only thing you are good at is going around every possible form of decency in Avalon.

You reporting a false log and attempting to 'censor' us poor children from the terrible,

naughty language is more proof that your addition to this world is as fleeting as your

ability to fight one on one.

I'll be glad, once again, to show all of Avalon how I can kill you on my own with only

one master skillset.

Now shut up and do us all a favor and get a life.

Yours truly, The Essence of Fury

Written by my hand on the 12th of Springflower, in the year 1147.