Ermmm... Your Recollection.

You have strange recollection considering it was you doing the pestering while I was DP and mining. The mine happened to be in that lovely toilet you call home, so I guess now I am defacing. And for one who spends so much time in a temple or barracks you certainly have alot to say on the matter. While granted, the only other person in your guild, Bezul, seems to be a better sort of individual than you I somehow doubt thats due to your skilled guildmastery.

At least you arent resorting to foolish claims of being able to beat me in any sort of combat without help. And BTW, I would take more honor from being a lowly squire of the eldest and greatest guild in the land than to be guildmaster of that decrepit cesspool you call a guild. A nest of cowards and thralls. Take pride that in mastery you have proved yourself simply the greatest thrall and craven among your peers.

Killing you,

Sir Laslow, Knight Errant

Written by my hand on the 10th of Springflower, in the year 1147.