The Infernal Esprii Belial, Princess of Shadowsto Everyone

I use whatever tactic I see as most damaging to my foes. Teaming, stripping, whatever will make them hurt. I've been very successfull, Laslow, and the outcry following my post to narrisa is proof of this.

However, your claim that teaming is all I can do prompts me to remind you of the many times I've watched you deface my home, taunt, and pester me while hiding behind protection. The playroom you spend your time is somehow seems contradictory to your position of guildmaster of the once strong guild of knights.

As I look at the list of guildmasters, It's easy to indentify the true leaders, and the stand in, who keep the chair warm while no one better is around. You, Laslow, are a poor replacement.

Watching you,

Esprii Belial, Princess of Shadows

Written by my hand on the 10th of Springflower, in the year 1147.