Bandits Guild being enemied to Thakria.

Dartanian, the Depths of Darknessto Narissa

I quote first of all from your post 22149. \"The guild is a neutral one... \" \"Partisan actions against the guild, such as the city of Thakria enemying it and declaring the entire city hostile to the guild, affect all members, even those who are citizens of said city. \"

I agree, I just want to make sure you know WHO caused them.

Quoting from your post numbered 22147: \"Let me remind you that the Bandits' Guild is a neutral entity. Bonding into our guildhouses is very much an attack on the guild. It is also a foolish;attack, considering where our legions generate. I hope Thakria appreciates;your cavalier attitude (\"I'm not a Thakrian! \") when it causes them heavy;personal damages. \"

As the Foreign Affairs Minister of Thakria, not as a Seer, or as a member of the Order of Darkness, I have an obligation to do all in my power to protect my city from any military incursion within its walls. When a guild, any guild, threatens the city with military action from the mouth of its guildmaster I will do what I must to ensure that the safety of the city is maintained.

Your words, not any actions by anyone, have brought the enemying of the guild. You are the one who made the threat in a public forum. The enemy status will remain, out of necessity, until the city of Thakria is assured that no military actions by the Bandits will take place. We have no desire for conflict with the Bandits, indeed we have several fine citizens, both active and dormant, who are Bandits. I wager this is more a conflict with a Guildmistress who has overstepped her bounds.

If I were you, I would think long and hard over the repurcussions of events that have been set in motion recently and what kind of repurcussions they could cause.

Dartanian, Foreign Affairs Minister for the City of Miracles

Written by my hand on the 14th of Agamnion, in the year 1146.