ah, Vargo... So eager to point out another's mistake about your skillset. Is it because you know so little about your own skills, or those of the other professions? It must be very satisfying to correct another.

If you want to poke fun at a lack of awareness, try Dunccan. I honestly have no idea what he is prattling about, I know of no way to duplicate a wax. Obviously, I could not have whispered this secret to him, and his story is completely bogus! How about mocking Catlania some, for such a complete lack of awareness over her own skills! I believe it was her to ask Eloire 'how to turn off a head'.

I watch you, and laugh of the ignorance of those you surround yourself with. you are among the worst, Vargo. I saw that when I forced you from my guild, years ago, upon the realization that no matter how much I tried to shape you into a decent seer, you where worthless to me.

Before you respond in your Dunccan-like manner, by dragging up once again that you managed to kill me in parrius, days ago, perhaps you should consider attempting the feat again. The fact that you run to the stockrooms of your city makes me severely doubt that you are, as you claim, my better.

Watching you,

Gabbadian Esprii Belial, Princess of Shadows

Written by my hand on the 30th of Agamnion, in the year 1145.