Yes, ahh well.

Dunccan, I feel fulfilled in my new profession, thank you. That you missed me get all 40 bonds tells me I'm doing something right as a seer, and no, not all of them were obtained in a \"team\" or \"multiple vs multiple\" fight.

Also, the simple fact that YOU can resurrect yourself and there were several animists on at the time of the large multiple vs multiple brawl that resulted in you whining about Esprii's clearly so unfair tactics fairly makes silly your concern in your previous post.

Also, let us note that YOU started the brawl that resulted in the \"teaming\" session that resulted in your head getting taken, your friends abandoning you to the Pool, and your whining post about the \"tactics\" that Esprii, I, and others used to kill you.

Therefore, NONE of your whining excuses BB'ing or QQ'ing in the midst of a fight. Its ridiculous and hypocritical. Any competent person could easily have seen exactly what happened. Your posturing is humorous and sad. I hope those that might actually consider your opinion worth something note it.


Written by my hand on the 14th of Agamnion, in the year 1145.