a bug abuse.

Once upon a time you showed me how you could duplicate waxes by droping them in a shed or a stockroom.

You promissed me that you would never use that against an enemy but today you used it against me as i KNOW you only had one wax of me yet you burned me twice.

Said bug abuse prompted me to abuse another little thing in Avalon, BBing on someone disgusting to say the least but know that I won't put up with your crap. You want me you get me fair and square, not abusing some crap but

Bug excuse me.

As for the others, who were there and party to said abuse I don't know if you knew but I recomend. being carefull before you partake in such things.


P. S. after posting this I will go back to your little team strip, whatever I lose I warn you I will only get back two fold.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Agamnion, in the year 1145.