Hmm, I not sure my post got across the message i was intending. I think i slammed together two issues into one. Let me try and seperate them.

First, i think solely taking someones pack or sack is not stripping. Say, like if i were to go up to someone, and order them to put their sack on my eagle. Something along those lines. Granted, their sack may contain 90% of their items. However, i think that's just a case of \"Ooo, that sucks\". Same goes for if i get one box from someone, but it contains all their worldly belongings. I see stripping as more of a \"sit there for 10 minutes, ordering or stealing item after item from someone. \" Granted, ther

e is a huge grey area in between, but i think everyone knows what i mean.


The other point i was making, was that if you value your sack or pack, there are sooo many ways to protect it, and if someone is able to compulse it off of you, you could probably use a good stripping if only to learn the value of item protection. But that's an entirely diffrent issue all together.

Also, runes and curses actually make items less safe, so on behalf of my guild, i encourage all of you to stay as far away from these types of 'protection' as much as possible. -grin-


Written by my hand on the 4th of Paglost, in the year 1145.