Dirty Bandit Alcarindel, Ordo Igneus Lepusto Everyone

Zenichiro - I dunno, didn't bother reading. to many words. Us thieves aren't good at long books.

Tomas - you couldn't deal a thousand deaths to a sheep, much less an actual non ccc.

Zwartia - fighters board? if that's where his post belongs, then you need to cough a few more names out there, hun.

Arturo- Playroom, yes, but it's also a temple. Which i do believe he was point out that Everyone's favorite thakrian, Zenichrio (sorry threap, you know i love you) quite frequently disrepects.

Now, you all can feel free to post after this \"Blah blah blah, Alcarindel, you are a horrible thief\" or \"Blah blah blah, i'll kill you a hundred gazillion times\" or what not, cause as you're busy doing that, i'll be counting all the money that i got from robbing thakria and selling the goods for 100,000 gold.

erm, crap, i guess i really don't have to count it...since... i know how much it ...darn.


Written by my hand on the 21st of Springflower, in the year 1145.