Fighters board.

Arturo, Serpent of Thakriato Zwartia the Lorewitch

I believe Laslow was posting here because to use the fighters board I think, though pardon my ignorance if I am wrong, you have to actually do some fighting not just sit around in your \"Playroom\" throwing your toys out of your playpen.

Ah Laslow, what is to become of you, how many excuses for staying divinely protected or for idling away the hours will you think of in the near future?

As for your response to Zenichiro's monologues, yes an incredible slew from the old master there, it was ill founded and based on nothing more than personal belief. If you had any first hand knowledge in your judgment of his posts it was certainly not visible in your risible efforts are comedy and character assassination which were feebly off the mark. You had no understanding of the interaction he and Catlania exchanged in, you merely wanted to see your name in big letters on this forum, such is your

palpable desperation. Though rest assured Laslow , the moment you stop playing with your building blocks and pick up your swords your name will once gain ring out across avalon...usually followed by the words \"has been slain by\".

Though on the subject of jokes, i read a rather amusing one in your patrons volume, i opened the page and it merely said \"Laslow\" I laughed heartily that day, kudos to that whimsical prankster.


Written by my hand on the 19th of Springflower, in the year 1145.