Your clever post.

Why yes, you might point out what is ironic about my response. And certainly I chuckled quite extensively at my sarcasm dripped tripe. I believe sarcasm is what I was trying to achieve by the post, and you calling it tripe certainly means it hit close to the mark.

Also let me try to comprehend your statement \"If Zenichiro actually did show any signs of idiocy in his 5 previous posts you managed to increase it ten fold in the space of one! \" Why thank you, it was my intent to display his idiocy to the rest of the world, but me magnifying it ten times by my post is a greater compliment than I expected.

Also. A thousand bloody deaths is it? I see. Well its also safe to say of those 1000 bloody deaths, how many will be delivered to me by you. You guessed it. Zero. Thats ok though I'm sure you didnt mean to imply you could beat me in a fight, and thats just in reference to your fighting ability, I havent even touched on the searing power of your fiery intellect. Just judging by sheer content of your post I'd say you were operating at about the cognitive level of a 12 year old. Why dont you just come out

and say what you are thinking: Your dad could beat up my dad and I am a poo poo head. What a clever child you must be. I give full marks to the Thakrian academy, and I hope they keep churning out more like you. In fact where can one make a donation to ensure they continue their good work?

Written by my hand on the 12th of Springflower, in the year 1145.