Moronic posts...

Quit wasting everyones time with your idiocy. We know how badly you need everyones approval and how incredibly

desperate you are to have everyone like you, but try to limit your moronic posts to less than 5 consecutively if you can manage.

Need I point out the irony? I think not, now Laslow I am sure you chuckled with glee as you wrote your sarcasm dripped tripe, I can assure you that anyone with some semblance of sense would not find it as amusing as you had planned! If Zenichiro actually did show any signs of idiocy in his 5 previous posts you managed to increase it ten fold in the space of one! Not once did you actually manage to approach any pertinent points, in fact the longer it stumbled on the more inane it became.

We know now how badly you require attention and may it be duly dealt out in the form of a thousand bloody deaths! In future I would advise you to keep your moronic posts to less than 0 consecutively!

Tomas Tromlui

Written by my hand on the 6th of Springflower, in the year 1145.